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100% Accuracy With Fit 3D Scan

No Calipers Needed! Our Fit 3 D is easy and quick with fantastic results. Everyone needs to know their starting point to determine what is needed to reach and maintain their fitness goals. At Max Fitness Warner Robins we use our Fit 3 D scanner to create extremely accurate results. Fit 3D creates 3 D avatars to show our new members what their body looks like starting out and it also shows how their body is changing overtime. Fit 3 D accurately measures and gives detailed information on your body composition (lean to fat mass), it captures 100’s of measurements automatically so you can track progress over time such as neck, bust, waist, hips, and both sides of your biceps, forearm, thighs and calves.It also records postural alignment and balance which is critical to know before starting and continuing your workouts. If you are out of alignment we can offer corrective exercises through our personal training department to assist you in becoming properly aligned. It also informs you of your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which shows clients how their bodies burn calories in a resting state. It also creates a health score that is based on your body shape, which is directly inversely proportional to visceral fat. This is called your body shape rate. Another popular feature is the overlay feature. This feature allows you to compare your image in 2 D each time you do the scan. This feature allows you to see where you started and how you’re progressing in your fitness goals. Fit 3 D offers all of this and much, much more.


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